May.18.16 at 07:41 am

Sorry about the late page gang, Rocio is flying out today for Acen, and we slipped schedule with all the prep.  We do have inks for the next two pages, we'll be back on track Monday.

May.11.16 at 07:43 am

Last chance for the Goat Roast, folks!  It'll be taking place on Saturday the 21st, with artists Rocio and Fernando!  E-mail me to make a reservation.

Apr.26.16 at 07:39 pm

Hey gang, we're finally doing it!  Fernando Furukawa will be handling art duties, he's the artist behind Issue 7 and Issue 11.


I'm still debating how we'll produce the comic.  I love the webcomic format, but it'd be very cool to see it on comic book shelves as well.  I'm even considering doing it as a Patreon-only comic.  We'll be posting our concept sketches on Patreon first.


Songbird and I will be at Calgary Comic Expo, in the Vendor's hall at D09, and taking a much-needed vacation after.  Spinnerette will return on May 11th.

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